Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Competition - Bicycle Community

There is something uniquely satisfying about riding a bike. I'm convinced that the rhythm of cycling triggers brain wave activity similar to listening to music. Consider the following:

“Riding my bike is very often the best part of my day, any day of the week. That was certainly the case yesterday, even though a cold, wet and windy afternoon. The experience was sweetened by the subtle sound of laughter coming from the woods behind the corner store. Children's laughter; a kind of anonymous chorus, undecipherable and non-distinct.
I don't have children, maybe if I did I'd feel differently about this, but I've long since determined that Children's laughter is one of those precious wonderful sounds like the sound of birds returning in the spring, or the sound of ocean surf. When I hear these sounds I try to stop and listen, if only for a minute, because it makes me feel good.
So, by circumstance I was on my bike yesterday in the rain, working my way home, and off in the distance, from the woods behind the corner store, I heard the fantastic, yet faint sound of children's laughter. I tried to find the source and thought that I was able to make out one of the kids but I couldn’t be sure. I did, however, feel lucky to be there to capture it.”

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