Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Terrain Workout

I'm introducing a new term; 'Terrain Workout.' A terrain workout is a unique workout specific to your local resources. It's a workout that I might do that you can't because your backyard is different than mine. I might ski (in NE) while someone one else might surf (in CA). Each outside workout is dependent on conditions specific to where you live.
Last night I did a swim + run Terrain Workout. Many of you (triathletes) know this as a 'brick.' However, what made this workout different was that it was born from the unique considerations of my own playground and it was completely self supported.
My workout started with a short run through Salem to the end of Derby pier. Derby pier has a lighthouse on the point and folks like to hang out there and / or fish. At the lighthouse, I transitioned to the swim with a special 'rig' that I've come up with to keep my run kit dry. The folks on the pier were pretty amazed to see me go into the water!
The swim to Marblehead through the moorings is about a mile. Boat traffic is usually minimal; I saw one boat motoring along in the distance on the entire swim. The swim took me about 30 minutes (I'm guessing). I didn't wear a wetsuit (tri short only).
It was dusk on the Marblehead side. As I approached the landing, a family of three greeted me. 'We thought you were a fish,' the mother said. We chatted for about 10 minutes as I transitioned to the run.
The run back through Marblehead was great. About half of it was on the railtrail through the woods. Coming back into Salem on 1A I used my headlamp to keep visible. I was moving along pretty good.

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