Friday, October 15, 2010

FitSpace House

It seemed perfectly fitting to show up on moving day and offer my services to move furniture into this (first) FitSpace house. The house is beautiful and I couldn't be happier with the reaction from my friends and clients. Bob and Anne are endurance athletes. They are completing a marathon every month. In addition, Bob has completed Ironman triathlons and is an avid cyclist. An 'off-the-shelf' house just wasn't going to cut it, they needed a house that could accommodate their lifestyle.

A FitSpace house may look like a normal home in many ways. But there's some serious mojo epic karma going on when you step inside. You may hear the call of the wild. You may immediately want to start breakdancing, handstanding or hoolahooping. And nothing about this house will slow you down or get in your way.

The house reorganizes spatial relationships to facilitate strength conditioning, flexibility and increased range of motion. This is all done in a tasteful aesthetic that doesn't scream out for attention like that dusty set of dumbells in the corner of your old dorm room. For example, the 'basement' (which now has stunning views to the water) incorporates an indoor performance deck or 'runway' along the entire length of the house. The floor material is durable (stone tiles) and made for walking, lunging, or other fitness work. All other rooms of the basement plug into the runway. The many glass doors of the basement open to a spacious rear deck that overlooks Oyster River. The deck is an extension of the interior (or is it the other way around) and could very well be the picture perfect spot for my next yoga session.

One enters or exits the house to run or bike following predetermined circuits. These circuits connect storage of equipment, nutrition, stretching areas, laundry and bathroom. Bob and Anne prepare for their training sessions, a regular part of their daily routine, with a kind of rhythm that eases the execution of each workout.

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