Friday, August 27, 2010

Kitchen Renovation

This kitchen, entry, sunroom and bath renovation was just finished for my friend David Halligan. I've included some before and after pictures. The design challenge here was to improve the flow and utility of adjoining rooms that were relatively disjointed. Whereas in the original layout, the kitchen, mudroom entry and sunroom were functionally very separate spaces. I redesigned these rooms to become one larger space. The sunroom is an essential connector to the rear yard and terrace so it needed to remain barrier free to the kitchen.
Lastly, the kitchen layout was reconfigured to function better with generous circulation, cabinets and countertop space.
I'm not sure that this project would be defined as 'FitSpace.' However, because thes design focused on making such a strong connection to the outside I'm putting it here and not IngramArchitects.

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