Monday, November 21, 2011

The Box

Thought I'd post these images from a trip we did a few years ago to one of my favorite places on the west coast, Oregon Dunes National Park on the southern Oregon coast.  Its a beautiful spot with a remote stretch of beach where you'll hardly see another soul since access to the beach requires a 3 1/2 mile hike across the dunes (stunning walk).  Once we reached the beach we decided to play a game I call the 'box.' 
A square is created in the sand with each side about 25' long.  Two players start standing at opposite corners.  One player attempts to run to another corner without being tagged.  If the runner can make it to the opposite corner s/he gets two points.  Its a great game of lateral movement and in the sand creates quite a workout.  I also love what it does to the landscape, in this case a distant 'square' in the sand on the horizon.  We didn't stay long enough to watch the tide erase our work.

The trek to the beach is more than three miles over the dunes.  

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