Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Car Bunk

Ok, I'm particularly proud of this project.  Not because it's any great feat of engineering or high design.  It's a simple project that took me a few hours to bang out, but has already expanded my big day or 'small epics.'  The idea is simple; a comfortable bed for the car with decent ventilation and a bit of privacy.  The bunk can be broken down and stored in the trunk (or way back) and includes a reading light, small fan, some window screens and, of course, the bunk itself.  Not a lot of space, sleeping on it reminds me of my 'Capsule Hotel' experience in Fukuoka, Japan.  All good, no adventure should be complete without one:
Over night for a two day intro to paragliding (flying solo).
Over night for an early morning trail start to climb Mt. Washington.
Midnight hike with Tucker under full moon along Granite Ledges trail in White Mountains followed by a climb to top of Mt. Adams after a few hours of sleep on the bunk.  
Most recently, Tucker and I completed hike to North Baldface after arriving to the trailhead around midnight (and snowing) on Easter Sunday (after dinner with family).  

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